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Beef Selection

* We take orders for quarters, but it becomes a little more complicated than halves and wholes. In short, the butcher can only quarter animals if the size of the cuts are the same. We offer two options, when ordering a quarter. First, you can find somebody to split a half with. This allows you to collaborate and customize your cuts of beef. The second option is that we can match you up with somebody else who has requested a quarter, if we have others who are interested in that. In this scenario, you will lose some flexibility in customizing your cuts of meat. We have a list of standard sizes that we will submit with your order, and it will be separated at Pecks Custom Butchering for you to pick up. We encourage you to find a friend or family member to split a side with because the process is much simpler for you and for our administrative team. In this case, we roll back the price of a quarter to the same as a side.
We will not know the final invoice amount until the hanging weight is determined. We will contact you with that final weight and send you an invoice at that time.